episode 12 -21


berlin, germany  duration: 5 min. 11 sec.

comments: Memories of a city. Icy winds that stream the length of the mirror-like brilliantly shining glass palace. Dancing couples, who, in gloomy dimly lit tango halls press body to body with intimate abandon. Strong arms and hips and a caressing breath in the ear. Memories of a tender sigh beside the long fallen stones of the wall. Is it just a nostalgic brooding over loss and separation or even so, the great dream of being united forever?
music by: kari bremnes, a lover in berlin
performed by: kari bremnes
© kirkelig kulturverksted as

bordeaux, france duration: 3 min. 52 sec.

comments: A loving arm around a wet shoulder, a fleeting kiss under an umbrella. Two people who creep close to each other and search for protection from the rain, its deluge competing with the fountain in the square. Then at last, the sun breaks through and the every day carousel begins to turn once more. All the fun of the fair again. With swings, roller coasters, rockets on rubber bands, but most fascinating of all, is seeing all the loving couples. How they build their own paradise on earth. The longing to be one of them is almost painful.
music by: astor piazzolla, fuga y misterio
performed by:
© bis

budapest, hungary  duration: 5 min. 20 sec.

comments: The Danube separates Buda from Pest, the same water also unites in the antique baths. Here simmering emotions are cooled during lunch and the refracted light from the blue-green water is reflected in lovers’ eyes. Enchantment spreads like the rings on the water, out to the squares, in alleys and in the dark corners of the cafés. Who cares about the saint’s vow of chastity on Margareta island, when passion is so deeply etched into the very walls around the whole of the town!
music by: lera auerbach, preludes nr 6 and nr 8
performed by: angela yoffe, vadim gluzman
© bis records ab
copenhagen, denmark  duration: 6 min. 50 sec.

comments: Trains arrive and depart from Copenhagen’s central station. Heading for distant destinations and returning home to the embrace of loved ones. Greetings and farewells, happiness and sorrow, they all meet here. Longing is satisfied, now and again, a bitter disappointment can be perceived. Time separates or unites, dreams and memories awaken to life. The hope of being reunited soon stills the tears of parting.
music by: st germain, rose rouge
performed by: st germain
© blue note / emi france
mallorca, spain duration: 5 min. 48 sec.

comments: Holidays! Let your hair down and throw caution to the wind! Dare to expose yourself to love and test your powers of attraction. Abandon yourself to passion, joy and the warmth and gentle pressure of a loving hand. Generosity is catching! Hurry, hurry, soon it will be night and tomorrow the journey home.
music by: iiro rantala, tango ouh
performed by: lahti sympony orchestra
© bis
imilchil, morocco  duration: 5 min. 42 sec.

comments: Imilchil in Morocco. The Medina of Love, that for five days unites what for the rest of the year is strictly held apart. Young, old, widows, widowers or divorcees, here, all can freely seek a partner of the heart. If attraction occurs, it is displayed before the eyes of the market - by shy and self conscious glances, by a brief touch, perhaps a short walk within sight of everyone, as a prelude to a shared future.
music by: rabih abou-khalil, a gracious man
performed by: rabih abou-khalil
© enja records
nuremberg, germany  duration: 4 min. 42 sec.

comments: Challenge love in the same way that love challenges you! Turn back to those that love! The Fountain of marriage in Nuremberg reflects love’s daily reality and invites us to reflect on the huge mystery of love. It calls to us, dare to show your love openly to one another, because quarrels, hate and death lie in wait around the corner and then it’s too late to complain. Learn from the abandoned Orpheus, ”Che farò senza Euridice? What am I to do without my Eurydice”?
music by: christoph willbald gluck, che faró senza euridice
performed by: andreas scholl
© decca
oslo, norway  duration: 5 min. 15 sec.

comments: Spring, abandoned emotion, a whole country in bud. Billowing flags, embraces and the people of Oslo dance. Timeless rituals of unity. Sun and sensual touch awaken even the frozen stone hearted to life. A homage to luxuriance, happiness and irresponsibility.
music by: carl orff, carmina burana
performed by: lena nordin, soprano; hans dornbusch, tenor; peter mattei, baritone; roland pöntinen and love derwinger, pianos; kroumata percussion ensemble; allmänna sången; children's choir from the uppsala choir school/ cecilia rydinger alin
© bis records ab
prague, czech republic duration: 5 min. 11 sec.

comments: Baroque angels and languishing saints border Prague’s token of affection, the Charles Bridge, this ”the loving couple’s catwalk”. The statues bare witness to the testimony of tenderness and familiarity at their stone feet and can never escape from the sweet torture of these small public secrecies. The whole city abandons itself to the return of Spring and a kiss under the poet’s statue is an absolute must for every true loving couple.
music by: w. a. mozart, serenade nr 5 d major
performed by: lahti sympony orchestra
© bis
salzburg, austria  duration: 5 min. 31 sec.

comments: Didgeridoo, minuets or “the Sound of Music” – in Mozart’s city, the air vibrates with music. Both old and young are spellbound by it. Marionettes and stone figures provide a commentary to life itself. With their warning gesticulations the people of Salzburg censure - or flout the strollers about town with kisses and tenderness - marble galantines and wooden heads skilfully controlled by strings.
music by: alfred schnittke, moz-art for two violins
performed by: oleh krysa, violin; alexandr fischer, violin
© bis records ab
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