episode 1 -11


barcelona, spain  duration: 4 min. 27 sec.

comments: Goodness! Here, in the southernmost of our cities, emotions are at their hottest. Man, woman or tree, I just have to hug something.
music by: horacio salgán, a fuego lento
performed by: tango libre
©grammofon ab bis

cologne, germany  duration: 5 min.45 sec.

comments: Multi-cultural. Stone and asphalt, greenery and water. Somewhat furtive and awkward, but incipient love. Boy or girl, who knows?
music by: franz schubert, ständchen
performed by: orphei drängar
©grammofon ab bis

edinburgh, scotland  duration: 4 min. 55 sec.

comments: Aristocracy and controlled emotions. But look there, a peacock starts the ritual dance and so the labyrinth of love is once more, set in motion.
music by: j. s. bach, cantata 75 die elenden sollen essen
performed by: bach collegium of japan
© grammofon ab bis
ekebo, sweden  duration: 5 min. 48 sec.

comments: Swedish summer night, hot and full of yearning. Magical light and bewitched people. Nobody knows when or how the dance stepped here will end.
music by: fleshquartet, love go and tic tic
performed by: fleshquartet
© primal music
kraków, poland  duration: 4 min. 39 sec.

comments: Ancient city of culture where love blossoms. Summer heat and afternoon sun awaken desire in both old and young.
music by: kurt weill, speak low
performed by: anne sofie von otter
© deutsche grammphon - polygram ab
marseille/aix en provence, france  duration: 3 min. 34 sec.

comments: Down to earth, good-humoured and intimate in café and bistro. Close to caress and kiss. On the beach and behind protective bushes, yet hotter emotions.
music by: r. heuberger, im chambre separée from der opernball
performed by: julia migenes
© warner music
muscle beach, california, usa  duration: 3 min. 58 sec.

comments: Individualism. Freedom of spirit. Physical culture. Melting-pot. Chaos. Calm. Yearning. People, express yourselves!
music by: torbjörn iwan lundquist, sisu
performed by: the kroumata percussion ensemble
© grammofon ab bis
tyrol, austria  duration: 5 min. 36 sec.

comments: What could not happen amongst witches and trolls in the alps? Tighten your ski bindings, take a firm grip on your ski poles and cast yourself down the piste of love.
music by: haimo wisser, lust und reibung
performed by: vienna brass
© austro mechana/maria ausserlechner
umbria, italy  duration: 5 min. 00 sec.

comments: On the surface, so tranquil, so serene, but what's hidden behind this alluring, undulating Umbrian landscape. Love gives us wings to soar. Our fantasies take us behind closed window shutters, into the darkest recesses.
music by: baden powell, ate-eu
performed by: baden powell
© polygram ab
venice, italy  duration: 5 min. 49 sec.

comments: Death in Venice may be famous, but what about love? Follow us down the alleyways, into the piazzas and canals in search of hot, languishing glances and budding romance.
music by: a. vivaldi, cessate ormai cessate
performed by: marco lazzaro
© dynamic srl
vienna, austria  duration: 4 min. 13 sec.

comments: Distinguished, middle class and cool on the surface. But look there, a stolen touch. A little smile and a yearning glance and onward rolls the carousel of love.
music by: erik satie, je te veux
performed by: yoshikazu mera and japan philharmonic symphony orchestra
© grammofon ab bis
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